Partner Organization-Kenya

        African Childrens Haven                                                      

        Watu Kwa Watu Charitable Trust                    

        Mission with Vision                                           

        ABC of Sex Education

Partner Organization-Tanzania

        Aichi Kitalyi, Dar es Salaam 

Partner Organization-India

        Doshi Temple Committee, Kotada

Partner Organization-Texas 

        Kiwanis club, Galveston, Texas


Art Charity Implemented

        Kotda school District, Gujrat 

        Starkid School and Rescue Center                      

        Overseers Primary School                                       

        St. Judah Primary School                  

        The Nest Orphanage                         

        Wanga Primary School          

        Kisui Primary School

        Gatoto Primary School

        Wanga Primary School in Lake Victoria

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