Dear Ed and Dinesh

     Greetings from Kenya hoping you are fine and well. Thanks so much for the donation of art material for our children in Maasai land. We thank You so much for the efforts that you made to ensure that our children have writing materials. We really appreciate this great initiative that has given the Maasai child an opportunity to express themselves,

     When Ed was here we were able to distribute the materials to Narok town children at the hope center. Also at Kipangas church and finally at Nairasirasa.

    We have more materials that will go to the children at the hope church sekenani. I have attached a photo of them. Hope church Olpusimoru, Hope church emarti. kikaet pre-school, Olemeisi pre-school. We will distribute when schools re-open in January. Once again thanks so much. Attached are some photos.



  Patrick Ngigi

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